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The Description Of rush mole APK

+++ Refreshing! Infinite whack-a-mole game +++

* Whack-a-mole Easy anyone can
* Will continue beating indefinitely if you hit well!
* To be able to enjoy without thinking things difficult!
* The challenge in the world rankings in GooglePlayGames

[ In the beginning ]
Only rules and Nanoha easy operation.
It is easy to enter the entrance of Gurasshu also, but I can back deep.
Please try Gurasshu you can install immediately.

I can enjoy it immediately Gurasshu also, without reading the description of this earlier.

[ Goodbye to boring Whack-a-Mole ]
It does not come out far do they have to wait and want to hit the mole quickly.
Do not have such an experience?
Gurasshu will continue beating anyway .
There is no arrears of pay of Mole, Nantes out of stock.

[ Pink mole, it's not supposed to hit why the bomb ]
Bomb came out of the hole. It was game over if you hit.
Do not have such an experience?
Gurasshu will all clap anyway.
Thing that must not be hit Nantes does not come out.

[ Do not end for lack duster yet ]
Ends 0 remaining time but came up tension.
Do not have such an experience?
Gurasshu is 30 seconds time limit as well.
But if you put out a serious, I will clap forever.
But you know until tomorrow morning.

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16 total


What Is New

Maximum display.
Bug fixing.

More Information

Size : 7.9M
Version : 1.1.0
Developer : TACTCAT
Website :
Min SDK : 4.0.3 and up
Date Published : 2018-07-09

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