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The Description Of Imperial Fantasy - Lord and Ladies APK

Be ready to love and enjoy the journey to Imperial Top with Imperial Fantasy, an original RPG which provides vivid career of an imperial China official stepping into the highest power! And there’s always a lot more fun for you to discover!

In Imperial Fantasy, you can start your life with your retainers and confidants who will be greatly helpful in every aspect. Also you can find much, much more pleasure and joy in both individual and multiplayer gameplay as well as various online events with munificent rewards!

◇ Journey to the Top of the Court ◇
Act as an imperial China official and start the career to reach the top! Never be satisfied with the power you have!

◇ Powerful Retainers ◇
Recruit and upgrade retainers with different talents and skills! As they get stronger, you will be greater over the court and even fights and wars!

◇ Cherish Your Confidants ◇
Prepare to encounter different beauties who are waiting to join your harem and be cherished! All confidants have their unique skills and features as well as their love to you that never fades!

◇ Raise Your Offspring ◇
You will definitely enjoy the process of witnessing the growth of your children! And of course, they will bring amazing benefit to your power in return!

◇ Laundry ◇
When the beauty falls out of favor, she can be sent to the laundry. Be free to choose your favorite confidant in summon list.

◇ Chat with your in-laws ◇
Become in-laws with other players by marrying your offspring. Keep in touch with your in-laws by letters.

◇ Challenge Various Missions ◇
Hot and lucrative missions in different occasions are ready for the challengers. Become a conqueror over the missions and explore new stories and resources!

◇ Alliance Activities ◇
Experience the fun and joy to build a powerful alliance yourself! Here you can work together for defeating special Dungeon BOSS and remarkable rewards!

◇ Manage Worldwide Trade ◇
Get ready with the access of trading over the world and start your double career between official and businessman!

◇ Academy ◇
Never underrate the importance of knowledge in your official career! To study in Academy and feel the contest between different officials’ ideas!

◇ Online Chatting ◇
We know the information is very important to the career of officials. Here we provide the platform for you to enjoy an open chat between all players. Additionally, you can also feel free to start your comment in alliance chat. Surely you don’t want to miss the fresh news from other Officials!

Come and start the legend on your own!
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Email: [email protected]

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What Is New

1.Title for confidants - Give the title to your favorite confidants.
2.Imperial Jacket - Use Imperial Jacket to protect yourself in Academy.
3.Imperial Tomb Defense - Get new Retainer General Fa Qiu.
4.New campaign - Add campaign 201 ~ 220.
5.New confidants - Go to visit Zhuo Wenjun and Cai Wenji!
6.Block function - You can block the players in chat channel now.
7.Evil Queen Event optimization - The event start time will be changed to 11 o’clock.

More Information

Size : 19M
Version : 1.8.01301
Website :
Min SDK : 4.0.3 and up
Date Published : 2018-11-07

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