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Chaos Chambers - Arcade Dash APK

RisingHigh Studio

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The Description Of Chaos Chambers - Arcade Dash APK

Chaos Chambers - Arcade Dash Overview

Chaos Chambers is all about speed and acute accuracy. Rev up your little Cube Geometry dude and let him loose through vast, brightly lit chambers and tunnels when you’ll need to learn to jump high, double jump and flap!

Find the energy for that extra spring in your step to get you through 100’s of brutal obstacles and beware, many eyes will be watching your journey and there are traps a plenty as you dash through the Chaos Chambers.

Dodge and Dash amongst flying blocks and negotiate floors and ledges that fall away at the slightest touch, run through bubbling geometry pits and alleys that could lead you, well anywhere, timing and bravery is crucial for your survival!

About Chaos Chambers:

You’ll enter a vibrant, minimalistic world where you must help our super smart and uber speedy hero single jump, flap, slide, flip, dash and spring your way through utter mayhem in this fast paced arcade action endless runner game. Can you blast your way through all 140 rooms and reach all 16 Chaos Chambers Checkpoints along the way?

Chaos Chambers Features:

- Enter 140 Geometry Rooms through 16 Checkpoints
- Minimalistic One Touch Controls
- Rocking Upbeat Soundtrack
- Game Centre Leaderboard
- Manic Arcade Action Gameplay

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More Information

Size : 14M
Version : 1
Developer : RisingHigh Studio
Website :
Min SDK : 3.0 and up
Date Published : 2018-07-09

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