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Paul Dela Cruz

game Arcade

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The Description Of Blox Trapper APK

PC Version:
Here's a link to the PC version of Blox Trapper:

Blox Trapper is a game that focuses primarily on survival as well as upgrades and progression. All you have to do is to draw 'blox' around an orb to prevent it from escaping for 5 seconds. As the levels progress however, the orb becomes faster and starts to deal more damage to your blox. You will have to rely on quick finger reflexes as well as an efficient strategy to progress farther along the game.

Arcade, Survival, Action, Strategy

Main Features:
- Blox Trapper lets you upgrade your blox to modify health, defense, and regeneration!
- There is no limit to your blox upgrades! However, the costs increase for every upgrade you purchase.
- You will get full refunds for any upgrade you wish to regress, granting you unrestricted customization on your bloxs' stats!
- There is no limit to how far you can go in my game! The levels are endless!
- Compete for the leaderboards by reaching for the highest level!
- As you reach the higher levels, the orb grows bigger, and more orbs are added, up to a maximum of 3 orbs!
- The interface involves a play menu that displays the orb's stats and your bloxs' stats, letting you foresee the battle in advance!
- The play menu also gives you level navigation icons that you press on to change the level you want to play!
- You can also reset the level, letting you randomize the orb's stats to become more manageable.
- The tutorial involves a hand icon moving through the screen in different finger gestures to demonstrate what you're supposed to do!
- Whenever you accomplish a new task, an achievement award will appear, and you can read more about it through the achievement menu!
- If the hand icon's demonstrations don't give enough clues, just click on the question mark icon to get tips that will help you out.

What are you waiting for?! Download my app, and let the fun begin!!


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What Is New

- Improved Title Screen!
- User-friendlier Tutorial!
- Many New Store Items!
- Increased Game Speed!
- Free 5 Rainbow Coins!
- Upgrade Toggling!
- Level Selection!
- Rainbow Colors!
- Background/Foreground Products!

More Information

Size : 14M
Version : 2.0.22
Developer : Paul Dela Cruz
Website :
Min SDK : 2.3 and up
Date Published : 2018-07-09

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